My COVIDcation

Hello World, today I am going to share with you what I did on my winter break I hope you enjoy it. What did you do on your winter break?


This winter break was definitely different. Normally on winter break, I would be in Florida, and it would be warm and sunny. But this year because of COVID, I stayed in Canada. However, I did get to go to a cottage for four days and that was nice. There was a hot tub, and it was very hot. I would learn later that was not the case because on the last day it did not heat up so I sat in a 40-degree hot tub in the middle of nowhere while it was snowing. It wasn’t that bad though.


 Once we came back to Ottawa I went skating with Ravi, Maytal, and Sophie (at different times). We had a lot of fun but Ravi and I were running to try and see who could break the ice on the puddle first. But we did not know that there was no water underneath it, it was just a sheet of ice. I got there first and fell but it was too late Ravi did not have time to stop, she came running at me and fell on me we both screamed ouch!, another thing I did was I got to see my cousins, I went to a lot of dog parks and watched ratatouille the musical, in Ratatouille, they really rallied together to recall the great movie.


Now let’s skip ahead a bit and talk about new years eve I stayed up till 3:30 with Maytal, Sophie, Jordan, Yardayna, Ava, and Becca we played Brookhaven which is a game on Roblox, we had a lot of fun.

That was my COVIDcation



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