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This school year we are starting something new it is called paragraph of the week every week I will be posting a paragraph on the prompt that my teacher has given and at the end of the year I will be able to look back on my writing and see how I have improved please tell me your thoughts on the prompt in the comments!

Prompt: Are you a procrastinator or do you prefer to budget your time and get your tasks done in an efficient and organized manner? Explain how this affects you as a student in terms of assignments and projects.

Personally, I am a bit of both I think this is the best combo because it shares the positives of both. Personally, when I get an assignment it is best for me to write it down on my notepad once it has been written down I normally get to working on it or at least starting it in the next couple of days. The majority of the time I end up finishing writing on that day but once in a while I just do half once this has been done one or two days later I will pick it up again with new eyes and edit it. finally, when it has been edited I will try to get another person to look over it this could be my brother, my mom, my dad, or even my teacher if they are free, then normally a couple of days before it is due I will go over it for the last time and fix any final errors from there I will submit it! The reason this works so well for me is that I don’t like to do things in one sitting, so this helps me break it up while still getting it done in a week. I would recommend this strategy for procrastinators because it makes your projects or assignments so much easier. What method do you use?

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    Hi Audrey,
    I think I have a little both in me as well. I definitely don’t leave things to the very last minute, but I also don’t necessarily take care of it immediately. I think it depends on the size of task and how much I enjoy it. When it comes to things I’m excited about, I likely would get going on it right away, but if it’s something I am dreading doing, I would probably wait till a point when I would still have enough time to complete it without becoming too stressed.


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