Grade 7 Reflection

This year was definitely an interesting on our teacher assigned us the task of answering some questions for the grade 6is so let’s get started.


  1. How was my Grade 7 experience overall?

My grade 7 experience was an interesting one at the least we went from in-person to online school to in-person to permanently online but overall it wasn’t horrible.

What do I still need to work on?

I still need to work on improving in spelling/grammar and math

  1. What was my favourite memory?

my favourite memory was on winter fun day me maytal,halel, and yardayna had just come inside from leading an outside obstacle course for 3 hours in -20 and then everyone in our class lined up against the front wall and every time someone would walk in we would say join us (persons name) until they did because we figured they could not stop us all we were wrong they ended up getting mad but it was a fun experience so that’s all that matters.

  1. What are you looking forward to the most about summer?

I’m really excited about camp because last year I could not go.

  1. What books can you recommend to others?

personally, I loved reading the outsiders and would recommend that because I really enjoyed reading that.

  1. What advice can you provide about distance learning?

my advice would probably be that at the start of the day you should have a list to write your homework down. Also to find a space that doesn’t distract you so you won’t be easily distracted.

  1. What was enjoyable about distance learning?

I liked being able to sleep in more instead of having to wake up at 7:00 I could wake up at 8:30.

The End (on to grade 8)

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