this week in math we use block coding to make an app that helps convert currency from one unit to another one it was cool once we finished. My math teacher asked us to answer some questions and put them on our blog so here goes nothing.

What you made: I made an app where you can convert certain currencies to other currencys.

What was challenging: Probably the most challenging thing was to follow all the instructions because coding can get quite boring somtimes.

What did you enjoy?: I enjoyed the end product and seeing what I made.

Not enjoy?: I did not enjoy the long process, we worked on this for a little over a week and that can get quite tedious.

Why is it important to learn how to code?: I think it is important to code because in the future a lot of jobs and opportunity will include coding so it is better that we get a taste of it know instead if when we are 30.


Now I will show you what I made click on the link to visit the app or don’t I can’t control what you do.

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  1. griffind2 at |

    I liked your post but I would have liked some more details.

  2. Maya at |

    Good job Audrey! Very direct/to the point. What would you do next to expand your knowledge about coding?

  3. maytalm at |

    Hey Audrey,
    I loved your post lots of details! One suggestion would be to make sure your link actually takes you to the place! Besides that great job!

  4. Chelsea Cleveland at |

    Hi Audrey! Yes, coding is very tedious! That’s a great word to describe it. You’re are also correct that coding and learning how to code will open up so many opportunities for careers in your future. Now that you are a published coder, what’s next? What do you think would be a neat thing to code or a cool helpful app to make? Well done!

  5. jbennett31 at |

    Hi Audrey,

    I liked reading this post about the math app project. It sounds like it was a lot of work. Do you ever think you would need to use a currency converter when you travel post-Covid? I would definitely use one. I think you should have some more fun with coding. Here is a fun site that you can code your own stories: I think you would enjoy it.

    Keep on coding!
    Mrs. Bennett

  6. Jon Mitzmacher at |

    Great post!

    Building on what is already in the comments, my question is about WHY you think it is important for students to learn how to code. Is it just to see whether or not someone wants to code professionally? Or is there something about learning to code that is important to know or to learn how to do in general? (We don’t ask students if they are going to be professional mathematicians but we still make them take Math.)

    Keep up the great work!

    BTW – yes, to Maytal’s comment, you should add the hyperlink and update; AND you should categorize this post as “Math”.

  7. Mrs. Thompson at |

    Dear Audrey,
    Well, I for one, am impressed! I have only ever coded with block coding and a little bit of HTML through type of code did you use to make this cool app?
    Coding can be tedious, but that’s part of the fun! I love the idea that can always improve and add more, and fidn solutions if something doesn’t work. There are also many different ways to code something to get to a similar result…a great life lesson!

    I tried typing in an amount but it wouldn’t convert it. Are there any steps or tricks you would recommend?

    Thanks for sharing!
    Mrs. Thompson


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