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Hello World today I am sharing my science project with you in science we picked ecosystems and made a Cospace a bought it, a Cospace is an app where you can build virtual reality seems here is mine I hope you like it!




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  1. maytalm at |

    Dear Audrey,
    I thought your presentation was good, you explained everything very clearly and I understood everything about your project. I also really liked your merge cube!- From Maytal

  2. Jon Mitzmacher at |

    Great post Audrey!

    I loved the way you embedded your slides and your video into the blog post so that your reader doesn’t have to click out or through! Because you are so ready for them, here are two pro tips: 1) Flesh out your “categories” for posts. This was labeled as “uncategorized”…so either you forgot to categorize it or it is time to add categories like “Science”. 2) I think just a LITTLE bit more text – I have no issue with the majority of this or any post being pictures, slides and/or video – might have provided a reader with just a little more context and tied your embedded parts together.

    Keep up the great work! I look forward to your next post!



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