OJCS Set The Scene

Hello World,

Today I am showing you my set the scene project we had to write a story about our school using the five senses. Next time I would want to add more descriptive language. here is mine it is about me showing a new student around our school I hope you enjoy it!


“Hey, I’m Audrey you look lost can I help?” 

“Sure thanks.”

 Awesome this is OJCS. It is a pretty good school this is the entrance there is a lot of kids if you hear at 8:30 you might mistake it for a stampede it’s so busy. I have gone to OJCS since I was five years old. It is a nice school, a lot of the people in our class I have known since I was two years old Our class is a little crazy, but overall pretty great most of use like sports and Paw Patrol. Oh here we are this is the gym. We have badminton, soccer, and basketball competitions.  


“What sports do you like?”

 “I like football.”

 Nice a lot of the people in the class like that. Ok, let’s keep going let’s go downstairs.


 This is where most of the hot lunch is made. On hot lunch days, this can either smell amazing or horrible. So brace yourself, most of it is good but don’t get the pancakes, they smell like eggs. Here is the Makerspace we do science here with Mr.Rray he has two kids, and is also the gym teacher he is nice but don’t go on electronics in class or he will be mad. Ok this is the extended french class this is the coolest room in the school because of all the walls they have maps and a picture of the little prince. The teacher’s name is Mr.C he is nice but in order to have fun in his class you have to pay attention and if you laugh you have to now when the joke is over does that make sense yup ok. great now lets head upstairs, we do English Hebrew 1 and 2, core French, and math this is Mr washes room. But we do core french and core Hebrew in here Mr.wash is nice he has a dog named Baloo who is very cute. He also teaches Jewish studies. This is the math room Mrs.Clevlands room she is nice and she teaches math do you like math ya cool so what do you think it is cool I cant wait to start classes (ring) don’t worry that’s just the bell it tells us that class is about to start let’s go.


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