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Hello World,

this post I will be talking about my math exam. right in the comments what your favourite subject is or was. hope you like it.

Questions about the exam before the exam

  1. How are you feeling about your first exam? (I am feeling a little nervous but confident)
  2. How do you feel about the mock exam? (I am a little scared)
  3. How have you been studying? (yes)
  4. Why do you think writing an exam is important? (I think that it is important that we do it to get prepared for high school)                       



 Before we got our marks back we had to write a reflection so here it is. The exam was a  little hard but overall easy and I think I was too nervous about it. I think that I will get a pretty good mark. I am a little nervous but I should do ok. Now that I got my marks back. I see what I have to work on and what I did well on that is wy exams are good and they’re not scary there just big tests we should remember that next time you take an exam its just a big test.

Here is a photo from the exam of me





4 Responses

  1. maytalm at |

    Hello Audrey,
    It is Maytal. My favourite subject is math. I really like your blog post. I thought is was good. I like you shared how you were feeling before and after the exam. There was some really good detail in your writing. Love the photo. Hope you did a great job on you exam. On piece of feed back would be capitalize you letters at the beginning of your sentence.

    1. Audrey at |

      Hi Maytal,
      thank you so much for the nice comments I will look at my capitulation Next time.

  2. griffind2 at |

    Great post Audrey! You really showed your opinions about the exam. A lot of details! You had a typo though, please change “wy” to “why”!

    1. Audrey at |

      Dear brother I apologize for the typos jk, however, thank you for writing a nicer comment then last time.
      Love, Audrey(:


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