My Winter Break

Hello, world

Today I’m going to share with you what I did on my winter break. I hope you enjoy.

On winter break I went shopping and bout some cool things such as a Cozy and American food. I also went swimming every day with my cousins it was very fun. I went underwater and did a lot of flips my cosine even taught me to do a cartwheel underwater. We brought my dog Paloma and she is very cute go follow her on Instagram at Paloma_The_Bolognese_Dog

My cousins also went to Florida they stayed with my grandparents too. They live in Florida for part of the year. I hade dinner with other cousins also and even met cousins I didn’t know I had. I have 2 first cousins on my dad’s side and there 3 and 7 so the house got a little crazy with all 10 of us plus a dog. But there was a plus side there was always someone to hang out with. Also, my grandma is a great cook so all the meals were great.

Hanukah is the holiday we celebrate it is kind of like Christmas but instead of a tree we have a menorah and there are 8 nights instead of 1. We light a candle each night until there is 8. It symbolizes the macabbes because wen there was no more temple they only had a little bit of oil and it took 8 days to make but they hade to lite it every day and a miracle happened the oil lasted for 8 nights and that’s the story of Hanukah. I also get presents my favourite two presents where a speaker and a ring.

I had a great Time in Florida and am very lucky that I got to go. I hope you hade a good winter break and spent time with your family right in the comments on what the best thing is that happened on your winter break. 



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  1. griffind2 at |

    This is pretty well written. I would probably compliment you more but you’re my sister

  2. maytalm at |

    Hi I really like you post here are a couple tips.
    I went underwater and did a lot of flips(.) (M)y (cousins) even taught me to do a cartwheel underwater. We brought my dog Paloma and she is very cute(.) (G)o follow her on Instagram at Paloma_The_Bolognese_Dog(.) I am not trying to be mean I just want to help. The things in brevets are the corrections.

  3. ravi at |

    I really like the post. Just some feedback is to check your spelling.

  4. Dr. Jon Mitzmacher at |

    Great post Audrey! I’ll leave the spellchecking to your friends, and yes, @griffind2, you are allowed to compliment a sibling.

    For me, the pro tips I would offer you in terms of your blog are…

    …your blog doesn’t have to just be about text. You can use pictures and videos and all sorts of stuff to tell your story.
    …it is time to create some “Categories” and using them. You don’t want each post to be “Uncategorized”…you want to start sorting your posts by subject so that you can be better organized and your readers can find what they are looking for.

    Keep up the great work!



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