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Hello world,

For class I made a review about Hawaii. I thought you would want to read it so here it is. I hope you like it!

Hawaii is amazing. There’s fun stuff to do everywhere. But today I will only talk to you about 3 things. I will talk to you about the beauty, the food, and the activities. When you think about Hawaii what do you think? I don’t know what you think about but I think about flowers, sand and beaches. Ahh so beautiful.


Hawaii is the center of beauty.  There’s leis everywhere and flowers. Right outside the Airbnb that we got there was a garden.It was so pretty. We went there every single day. The Airbnb was amazing. there is a beach right next to it. The Airbnb was so cool.It was Amazing they were turtles that lay on the backyard every single day to sunbathe. The Airbnb was amazing. There is a beach right next to it for the Airbnb and it was amazing they were turtles that laid on the backyard every single day to sunbathe. I’m getting hungry let’s go eat in Hawaii’s meany markets.


The food is so exotic in Hawaii.There’s amazing fish and coconuts everywhere. There’s market everywhere to, You can buy fresh cracked coconut from the markets . I went to a lual they told us stories with the food that they gave us it was so cool. The service was exceptional they got you whatever you needed,let’s say you’re vegetarian they would get you vegetarian stuff. It was crazy. Don’t know about you guys but I’m getting bored reading let’s go do something!


There was hiking everywhere we hiked somewhere called Twin Falls it was so beautiful we tulk tons of photos. Walks on the beach where you collect seashells are the best. We swam every single day it was awesome. We went to a park and it was so fun we met someone named Israel. Across from the park they was shaved ice it was so good I would recommend you try it if you’re ever in Hawaii it like a snow cone but better.


In conclusion I would recommend going to Hawaii for your next vacation. I think I would give Hawaii 5 stars that’s how much I liked it. Just as I told you there’s a ton of good food, a ton of activities and it’s so beautiful. So the next time you need a travel agent just call me!




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  1. Lauren at |

    Mmm fresh coconut!! Sounds amazing Audrey!

  2. Ravi at |

    Hi Audrey,

    The post was amazing and it makes me want to go to Hawaii. 2 questions, question 1 did you like the Airbnb and question 2 what was your favourite part of Hawaii?


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