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Hello world this is my public speaking 2019 if you want me to post my public speaking 2018 just post a comment about it. By the way my public speaking is about my experience being pescatarian but know I am vegetarian now. For more info just ask in the comments.


Imagine you were in a zombie apocalypse and there was nothing to eat in your house. You would probably eat the closest animal. For me this is a little different because I am a pescatarian. Hello, Mrs. Thompson and fellow classmates. Today I will talk about what being pescatarian means, how it can be difficult and why I chose to be pescatarian.


You would think that something with such a complicated name would be very complicated to explain. But actually it’s very simple. All it is is that I don’t eat meat but I do eat fish. Just to be clear, a vegetarian is different than a pescatarian. The difference is that if you’re vegetarian you do not eat fish, however it is partially the same as a pescatarian. However a vegan is totally different. A vegan is someone that does not eat any animal products whatsoever. For example, they do not eat honey, milk, cheese or eggs. Except you still have to remember that they still do not eat meat. Imagine you went to restaurant and you had to keep asking the server a bunch of questions about what you ate. This is normally what happens when I go to a restaurant. Sometimes it can be annoying when you go to a restaurant and you have to check if the thing you are ordering is ok for you to eat.


When you are pescatarian and you go to a restaurant it is sometimes very hard to order because most things have meat. But there are some restaurants dedicated to vegans. If you go there you can eat everything. There is one downside, though. They are normally quite expensive. Another difficult thing is checking wrappers. About a month ago my friend became pescatarian and she had a candy in her lunch. She asked me to check if she could eat it so I did. You may be wondering, what meat product could possibly be in a candy bar?I am going to give you an example of something you might not know I couldn’t  eat. If you are pescatarian a lot of the time if you have gummies, you have to check if you can eat them, because there’s something in gummies called gelatin, and most of the time it is made from pig, or cow. I was extremely surprise when I learned that gelatin had been in my food for so many years without me knowing. So when did I become pescatarian?


It all started at my first year of sleep away camp. I was 7 years old and there was a counselor that was pescatarian. I found it interesting that she didn’t eat meat. Now let’s fast forward after camp. I was going out with my family and I ordered chicken. I ate it, not thinking anything of it. After dinner I began to feel some guilt. Then I thought about the poor chicken and the counselor at camp and that’s when I told my mom I didn’t what to eat meat. Then she asked if I would still eat fish. I responded, duh sushi is life! 3 years later I am still pescatarian.There’s 1 thing I would recommend if you decide to become pescatarian, vegetarian and if you’re very brave, vegan. Make sure you get a lot of iron because otherwise you will not be healthy and will feel  extremely tired. Certain foods, like beans and spinach are high in iron. There are also special vitamins that you can buy if you are low on iron. Thankfully, I do not need them and I am healthy because I have other ways of getting iron. I have something called a lucky fish, which is an iron fish that you put in food. When you cook something with the lucky fish, iron rubs off of it and goes into your food. Don’t worry though, it still tastes the same.


In conclusion, I would like to let you know that you should eat and do whatever makes you comfortable. However, we are always learning new things and need to push ourselves out of our comfort zones in order to grow. I recently watched a video about what would happen if we ate all the fish that are in the sea. It was extremely sad and I learned a lot I didn’t know before. I am now going to try being a full vegetarian to see how I feel. I would like to give you a challenge as well. I would like you all to try the 7 day pescatarian challenge. This is exactly as it sounds, you try being pescatarian for a week. If you do not like it and think that it is too hard, then good for you that you at least tried it. But if you did like it and animals are close to your heart like mine, then you might want to start becoming pescatarian, vegetarian or vegan. Finally, the next time you have meat for dinner, just think about this speech. Thank you!


Thank you so much for checking out my post hope you have a great day bye!

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  1. Miriam Friedman at |


    Did you know that Tel Aviv is the Vegan capital of the world ?

    1. audrey at |

      really that is very interesting

  2. Dr. Jon Mitzmacher at |

    Great post Audrey!

    Do you think your public speaking speech reads as well as it sounds? What do you think the difference is between reading something and hearing something? You could, in the future, present the same information as written text and as embedded audio/video and see if people respond in the same way…

    I look forward to seeing how you choose to use your blog and what new tools you learn how to use as part of the process.

    Keep on blogging!

  3. audrey at |

    Dr.Mitzmacher i will definitely try that and post it talking thank you for tyhe help

  4. Lauren at |

    Hi Audrey, I am going to do a week vegetarian challenge! Thanks for inspiring me!


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