Karate Is Awesome!

I love karate,

Hi my name is Audrey and this is my blog.

Karate is my favorite sport. Right now I’m a green belt with 5 stripes.

Almost a purple belt!

My favourite thing to do is katas.

My favourite kata is number 6.

Here is a photo of me doing karate.

Feel free to leave a comment about what your favourite sport is.




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  1. Erin Zipes at |

    Hi Audrey!

    My favourite sport is skiing.


  2. griffind2 at |

    Hello Audrey! Could you please post your public speaking! 🤩🍱🍣🥟

  3. Audrey at |

    Hi mom
    -love you to

  4. Lauren at |

    Great picture Audrey. My favourite sport is basketball!


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